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PayPal Opportunity Hack 2016 is Back : Register Now

Dear Opportunity Hack Community

The 2016 edition of PayPal Opportunity Hackathon, Chennai is back. 

If you would like to reengage with this event and help make a difference through technology, please register by clicking here

Economic Empowerment” is the overarching theme for this year’s event with specific focus on the non-profit projects that promote  economic empowerment and livelihood projects for underprivileged and weaker sections of the Indian society.

During the hackathon, teams that develop the most innovative and impactful solutions will be awarded prizes totaling Rs. 2,10,000. The winning non-profit organizations will also receive vouchers for an additional Rs.…

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Opportunity Hack : Introducing our Esteemed Jury Panelists for Chennai

Saichitra Swaminathan

Chief Portal & Mobile Officer at Matrimony.com

Saichitra is the Chief Portal & Mobile Officer at Matrimony.com  She has over 14 years of experience in Open Source platform, Managing Technology, Product and Digital Marketing.

She is highly passionate and a firm believer of "When we love the job there is no need to have a hobby as hobby and job becomes one and the same...highly enjoyable!" Good team leader and team player.

Her areas of specialization are Online Marketing, SEO/SEM/Remarketing/Social media, Open source technologies, product / mobile apps

She holds a Masters Degree in Computer Applications from Shanmugha Arts, Science,

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Opportunity Hack : Final Presentation Template

Dear Passionate Hackers and Social Innovators

It is exciting to see that everyone has been hacking non-stop to arrive at your solutions. 

To help you prepare for your presentations, we have created a powerpoint template and guidelines.

Click here to download the template


OHack Chennai Team

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Opportunity Hack: Ideas from NGOs

This is the list of ideas submitted by the NGOs for this hackathon. Please read through the list and familiarize yourself with the ideas. These are real and relevant issues faced by the Non Profit Organizations who are participating in this hackathon.



Teach maths to underprivileged and rural children by building a mobile app that will track the math skills learnt by students, and iteratively learn and excel at math skills.



Contribute to children's education by building a system to track the educational progress of children.



Create a life long impact…

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Opportunity Hack : Rain or Shine, Let’s join hands to Do Good and Create Change !

Hey Techies !

We're sure you are gearing up for the Opportunity Hack 2015 scheduled to happen this weekend at PayPal office in Sholinganallur.

We’ve lined up some very intriguing problem statements submitted by non-profits who are trying to create very significant impact on the communities they serve. Ideas range from Food Wastage Reduction to Bridging Rural-Urban Divide.

Guess what? They are super excited to meet you and curious to know how you are going to use your innovative brainpower and tech-savviness to help them solve those problem statements.

The hackathon registrations start on Saturday, 28th November at 8 AM and goes on until…

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Opportunity Hack : Keynote Address - Technology Innovations and Enterprises that create Social Impact by Paul Basil

Technology Innovations and Enterprises that create Social Impact

by Paul Basil, Founder & CEO  Villgro Innovations Foundation

Mr. Basil is Founder and CEO of Villgro Innovations Foundation. Over the last decade, Mr. Basil has incubated over 100 innovative enterprises, which have gone to create over 4000 jobs, touching around 15 million lives in villages across India. Driven by the success of Villgro in India, Paul is now focused in replicating the villgro model in Kenya, Vietnam, Bangladesh & other countries. Mr. Basil is also advisor and the force behind Menterra Venture Advisors, a seed stage, social impact focused, venture capital fund. Mr. Basil also…

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Opportunity Hack : Other exciting (Really Cool) Prizes to be won during Hackathon


While we expect the Hackathon to be a high energy coding session, it will be punctuated by fun engaging sessions during the duration of the event. We will conduct some great fun tech contests to keep all the developers engaged and have their creative juices flowing. There are some very cool prizes to be given away during these sessions to contest winners, such as:

Looking forward to some great energy and motivated developers to help a social cause!

Team Opportunity Hack

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Opportunity Conference : Beyond Purpose: Meaningful Employee Engagement in NGOs by R.Shantaram

Beyond Purpose: Meaningful Employee Engagement in NGOs

R.Shantaram Co-Founder & Director, Kelsa Management Solutions Private Limited

Over time, even the most vibrant workplaces can become monotonous and restrictive, if the organization does not actively manage how its employees relate to and engage with them. Recent research talks about employees needing to have a ‘higher purpose’ which will enable them overcome ‘a tough day at office’ and for-profit firms strive to show up the ‘purpose’ motive beyond the transactional, day-to-day struggles that their employees experience. NGOs far more flexible in the nature of their ‘engagement contracts’ – and the engagement challenges…

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Opportunity Conference : Empowering on-field activities with mobile applications by Sarath Chandra Divvela

Empowering on-field activities with mobile applications

Sarath Chandra Divvela Country Head and Vice President, GDC, Lionbridge Technologies, Mumbai, India

Mobile applications have been rapidly changing lives across the globe. In this session Sarath and Natarajan will discuss their experiences on building and deploying mobile applications on the field at ISHA Foundation School Evaluation System. Sarath will present through skype, supported with a slide deck about the app, the background need, our technology recommendation and final solution. Following this web presentation, M.Natarajan Associate Director - CoE, Lionbridge Technologies, Chennai will demonstrate the app functionality to the audience.

About the Speaker

Sarath is an Alumni of IIT and IIMA…

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Opportunity Conference : Keynote Address by Dr.Kiran Bedi

We are excited to announce that one of India's popular woman icons and social changemaker Dr.Kiran Bedi will be delivering the keynote address at PayPal Opportunity Conference 2015. Dr.Bedi's talk will revolve around her experiences from her public life, and inspiring vision for social innovators and youngsters to contribute towards nation building.

About Dr. Kiran Bedi

Dr. Kiran Bedi, joined the officer ranks of Indian Police Service in 1972 and became the first woman in India to do so.

She worked with the United Nations in New York as the Police Advisor to the Secretary General, in the Department of Peace Keeping Operations. She…

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Opportunity Conference : Spoil yourself Silly on a Shoestring by Prabhakar Mundkur

Spoil yourself Silly on a Shoestring

Prabhakar Mundkur, Chief Mentor Percept H

With 31 lakh NGOs, branding and visibility poses a big challenge to most
NGOs. After all, you don’t have 31 lakh brands in any single category in the
real world. The presentation empathises with the budget constraints that
NGOs are faced with, but takes a positive and optimistic view of how NGOs
can build their own brands in a fiercely competitive environment.

The term ‘brand building’ conjures up images of mass media advertising. This
presentation will try to break that myth, by looking at how some of the…

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NGO Registrations for Opportunity Hackathon 2015 - Chennai

PayPal presents to you the PayPal Opportunity Hack 2015, a hackathon event where technologists from Chennai software developer community will come together to solve day-to-day problems faced by non-profit organizations.

We, at PayPal believe in fostering an inclusive economy that empowers the communities in which we live and work. Innovation and technology is core to the DNA of our organization and it is our consistent endeavor to facilitate global growth opportunities to build a better future. As part of our Social Innovation initiatives, we organized the first ever Opportunity Hack last year, that supported multiple NGOs and helped solve many…

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Register for Opportunity Conference 2015 - Chennai

Dear Social Innovator

Greetings from PayPal ! This post is about Opportunity Conference 2015 hosted by PayPal in Chennai on November 25th 2015.

PayPal is a world leader in payments and our Chennai engineering center hosts about 1200 employees. As part of our center’s community outreach and social innovation initiatives, we constantly explore ways by which technology can propel social upliftment. Towards that, we hosted an event called “Opportunity Hackathon” in 2014, where 16 NGOs proposed problems that technology can solve. We connected these NGOs with software developers in Chennai, over a period of 36 hours to build out a proof of…

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